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The X-Files: I Want to Believe

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Last Friday I went to see the latest X-Files movie, I Want to Believe. It was a nice movie (I rarely manage to get into crappy movies lately because I always do my IMDb research in advance). I should mention that I am an X-Files fan, and I think that the X-Files series was one of the best TV series ever created, perhaps the best. I hear you ask, better than Prison Break, and Lost? Well, yeah, much better than those.

I think it was a very good decision for the movie to go for a weird, creepy, Frankenstein, body-snatcher, only — borderline — arguably — parapsychologic approach, rather than the grand alien conspiracy theory of the first movie. The science behind removing people’s heads and transplanting them onto different bodies (un?)fortunately does not exist yet, but that doesn’t matter, since parapsychology doesn’t exist and never will, either. It doesn’t matter, because the movie was good.

My problem (ah, of course I have a problem) is the need of the scriptwriters to shove into the plot a romantic relationship between Mulder and Scully. I would have no problem if that relation actually helped the plot development one tiny bit. But it doesn’t. You could just remove the scenes where Scully and Mulder are in bed, making jokes about the size of Mulder’s dick (yeah, you read it right, they do that), and discussing their relation and whatever. You could just skip them and the message of the movie would remain completely unchanged. All that sex part feels completely artificial and unnecessary. They probably just added it to satisfy some imagined need of the fan base. Well, reality check: the guys who form the core fanbase of X-Files are not really horny teenagers any more, so they won’t fall for this sort of thing. Most of them are already well into their 20s, like myself, and either have a life or else are still playing CounterStrike and pasting UFO posters in their mothers’ basement (I’ll let you guess which category I fit into). Mulder and Scully having sex won’t impress the first category, and won’t do the second too much good, either. I heard many a slap on the forehead and an annoyed whisper in the cinema audience when Mulder and Scully were at it (not sex, actually, there’s none, just relationship-boring-talk)… so I’m not the only one that thinks this way, I assure you.

Another minor problem is that the movie is a bit too long. They could have compressed it a good deal, and made a good episode-length — well, episode. Not one of the best episodes, but a good one. Of course, we’d probably have lost the drama about Scully and the dying kid that she is trying to save against the will of his parents, and that is contributing fairly significantly to the message of the movie. So it’s a fair call.

Still, I think the description that sums up this movie best is: A good X-Files episode with some drama and pointless sex added on top.

Oh, sorry, I forgot something: Warning, this post may contain spoilers! Well, what, stop whining! I didn’t even tell you that Mulder and Scully had a kid who died a few years before the time of the movie…


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18 August 2008 at 12:58 am

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